VAGCOM / VCDS user guide

After installation of VAGCOM / VCDS you can start using it! This user guide helps you by explaining all the options in all the screens of the program.
Start VCDS by the shortcut on you desktop or the icon from the Windows start menu. The main screen will appear:

vagcom vcds mainscreen

First use

On first use you have to acknowlegde the connection by testing the COM or USB port when connected to the car.

  1. Connect cable to laptop and to car.
  2. Turn the ignition on.
  3. Go to Options menu
  4. Tab Port and Protocol options
  5. Select port (COM 1-4 or USB)
  6. Press TEST
    vagcom vcds options screen test
  7. If succesfull (OK), press APPLY and SAVE
    If NOT succesfull, see troubleshooting.

VCDS is now ready to use!