Radio controlled clock

For some Audi models a radio controlled clock (automatic synchronization with atomic clock from national or regional time transmitters) is a valuable option. Never reset your clock again or change the daylight savings time. (in German:Funkuhrmodul)

Roughly this can be added as an option to Audi’s from 1995 to 2007. later models have this stock.


audi-radio-controlled-clock-module-3Automatic synchronized clock. When synchronized the antenna icon is shown in the dashboard. This is not always shown. When no time transmitter is reachable it is not shown.


applies to

Audi A2 8Z (1999-2005)
Audi A3 8L (1996-2003)

Audi A3 8P (2003-2008)
Audi A4 B5 (1995-2001)
Audi A4 B6 (2001-2004)
Audi A4 B7 (2004-2007)
Audi A6 C4 (1994-1997)
Audi A6 C5 (1997-2004)
Audi A6 C6 (2004-2007)
Audi A8 D2 (1994-2002)
Audi A8 D3 (2002-2006)

hardware needed
  • One receiver cable. to plug in behind the tacho. Number 8N0 919 145. costs about $50,-
  • Torx T20

audi radio controlled clock module



  1. remove steering wheel (not needed but handy, more space)
  2. remove side panel of dashboard behind door
  3. remove cluster / tacho (leave plugs in)
  4. at the back plug in the module (fits only in one plug)
    audi radio controlled clock module plug  back tacho cluster
  5. use VAGCOM / VCDS to code (see below)
  6. check if everything is still visible on tacho (antenna icon might nog be present yet)
  7. remount the tacho / cluster again
  8. check trought the opening behind the side panel if the module fits
  9. remount the steering wheel (if taken off)


VAGCOM / VCDS changes

go to modul 17, adaption 10, channel 19:
xxxx0 = disabled radio controlled clock
xxxx1 = enabled radio controlled clock

so change the last number in 1.



It might take a night to receive time signals. Check the next day or wait a few hours!