All the procedures and information that is found on this site is put together with a lot of care and precision. The instructions, tips and procedures come from trying ourself, trail-and-error, from car forums in all countries and languages, from Ross-tech and VCDS distributors.

The information on this site is from high proven quality and mistakes/errors are updated as soon as known but could always contain errors. Be aware of it!


We don’t accept any responsibility for things going wrong when changing codes to your car or using procedures written here.
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Take precautions

  • Make sure your laptop operating Vagcom / VCDS has a full battery or is powered enough. (when the laptop is powered down during a procedure you could damage the cars hard- or software for good.
  • Before changing codes, write down the original value.
  • Always start with an AUTOSCAN. In the newer versions of Vagcom / VCDS (version 9 or higher) all long codes are saved to a file on your laptop.


Vagcom.org – Independent site

This site is not in any way related to Ross-Tech or the Volkswagen-Audi group. We are independent with just a lot of knowledge of programming (vag) car computers (ECU), chip tuning and of course Vagcom / VCDS.